Coaching Template
Starter Kit

Starting a New Coaching Business?

If you're like most coaches, you want to start out smart. You've talked to other coaches, compared notes, and wasted far too much time on Google.

You're wondering things like "What should I include in my welcome packet?" and "How should I structure a coaching agreement?"

With a new practice, the questions can be endless. The information can be overwhelming.

When what you really want is to spend your time and energy on what you are here to do.

What you really want is to be a confident and successful coach.

Ann Yaggie

"What a great start-up tool! The new coach would look like an experienced one when using these forms.

These forms are a contribution to the professional image of coaching! They help new coaches enter the field in a way that lends immediate credibility to the coach and their work."

Ann Yaggie, Home By 5

Every business requires structures, systems and tools to operate efficiently and effectively, and a coaching practice is no exception. And yet so many coaches run in circles creating and perfecting their coaching tools, forms and processes as they try to get their business off the ground.

Imagine how your practice could soar if you had this part handled.

That's why we at Coaching Tree put together the Coaching Template Starter Kit - to offer new coaches a comprehensive kit of business forms, tools and templates to manage their coaching business confidently, effectively and easily. Right from the start.

What's the Coaching Template Starter Kit?

A comprehensive set of professional coaching forms, tools and templates designed to help you start up your coaching business quickly and painlessly.

Coaching Template Starter Kit

The Coaching Template Starter Kit was created by coaches, for coaches— to save time, energy, money and the frustration of not knowing where to begin.

No more spinning your wheels wondering "What should I ask on my intake form?"

No more creating forms on the fly while clients wait for a response.

No more worrying that you're missing something.

Not when you can easily access a set of real-life tools with content developed through years of trial and error, research and experience as coaches and as clients. Tools that will get you started, and that you can continue to evolve as your business grows. It's got everything you need, with no filler.

This kit is perfect for you if...

  • You’re a new coach and you want to start out right.
  • You’re a seasoned coach, but it’s time to refine and upgrade your process.
  • You want a set of well designed and consistently formatted documents to present a professional image.
  • You prefer to spend your time growing your business and serving clients.
  • You want to work smart, not work hard— leveraging what works for successful coaches versus reinventing the wheel.
  • You want the confidence that comes with a set of proven coaching tools and forms that work seamlessly together.
  • You don’t have time and money to waste on programs and books you don’t need. You want practical tools to use now.
  • You like a good return on investment. (Replace your set-up time with 1 hour of coaching and your kit just paid for itself!)

Who Are We?

We're coaches. Just like you.

Coaching Tree is an alliance of experienced independent Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches (CPCCs). We help new coaches evolve through training, certification and professional development.

It's our job to make coaches successful.

We've been there. We know that the faster you get your business structures in place, the faster you'll build a successful business. (And the more you'll enjoy it!)

Ariadne Moisiades, CPCC

Ariadne Moisiades, CPCC, PCC, specializes in mentorship and development of coaches as they train, certify and grow their businesses.

Ari has been certified by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the International Coach Federation (ICF). In addition, she has completed CTI's training curriculum in Relationship and Systems Coaching (ORSC).

When we were starting out, we knew we needed coaching forms and tools to structure our work with clients. But it took time and experience to figure out what worked. Not to mention the hours wasted looking for ideas and creating— and re-creating— all the forms and processes we thought we needed. Hours we could have been coaching.

It was confusing, intimidating and frustrating.

Sound familiar?

We learned that the sooner you get out there and coach, the sooner you generate revenue, gain referrals and create a name for yourself. And the more professional your image and systems, the more credible you are as a coach. It can even improve the way you coach.

That's what we want for you.

Your Starter Kit Includes


A comprehensive set of 17 professional coaching forms, tools and templates, designed to work together and address your whole client relationship, from welcome to completion - and take care of the business end of things, too. It's every single document you need. And none that you don't.

Setting up a new client

  • Welcome packet and intake questionnaire
  • Template coaching agreement/contract
  • Recurring payment agreement

Managing your practice

  • Invoice template
  • Client hours log to streamline recordkeeping and track certification hours
  • Agenda for a successful sample session
  • Client call record for capturing important session notes

Coaching effectively

  • Call prep form for clients
  • Weekly goals and action planning worksheet
  • Visioning exercise
  • Perspectives wheel exercise
  • Wheel of life exercise
  • Values exercise
  • Client check-in questionnaire: mid-term
  • Client completion questionnaire
  • Annual year-end client survey

A set of professionally designed, modern Microsoft Office templates that are formatted with the same fonts and styles to present a cohesive brand image (All forms are compatible with Office versions 2007 and beyond).


A user guide that shows you exactly how to customize your templates and get the most out of them


Email support from Coaching Tree (so you'll have no technical barriers to putting your Starter Kit to work)


The ability to start coaching immediately, without wasting time or money on setting up your business

Joe Hunnicutt

"Speaking from experience, this package would have shaved a solid 2 and a half weeks off my initial due diligence and pounding the pavement to check out the competition to see how they were doing things.

This package takes the concern of finding just the right words and spending hours toiling over ad copy and boils it down into a tidey turn key system that works right out of the box. This way, I can spend my time and energy on finding new clients instead of worrying about creating the necessary paperwork to process any possible prospects."

Joe Hunnicutt, FreeStyle Strategies

Erika Matos

"The awesome thing about this product is the simplicity it provides! You could try to find forms online like I did, and you still wouldn't have the great package of templates that are ready to go. You could also create your own forms, but why reinvent the wheel?

The investment is minimal compared to the value you'll receive. Imagine not having to create, find, or guess as to what the forms should include, but instead, having a thorough list of forms to assist in the care of your business. This is worth it's weight in gold."

Erika Matos, The Feel Good Shift

No more wheel-spinning.
Let's get you coaching.

Order yours now for $149.